Join the world leader in clay target shooting sports.

Impeccable Safety

  • Priorities are safety, fun and marksmanship – Listed in order of importance.
  • No reported injuries – Since 2001.
  • One coach for every 10 athletes required – Encourages adult mentors to be involved.
  • Firearm safety certification required for all athletes – The only school sport that requires safety certification before participation.
  • Athlete insurance policy – Each registered student athlete receives an accident insurance policy.
  • Coach and volunteer insurance policy – Each registered member of the team’s coaching staff receives a complimentary general liability insurance policy.
  • Student Athlete Firearm Education (SAFE) Certification – A clay target and firearm safety certification program designed specifically for the League and clay target.
  • Coach Leadership And Safety Support (CLASS) Certification – A clay target coach certification program designed specifically for League coaches.

Innovative Technology

  • USA Clay Target League’s ClayTargetGo! custom software – Easy-to-use dedicated access to a Team Management System and Athlete Management System for team registration, athlete registration, event registration, performance reports, and more.
  • Shooter Performance Tracker® – A proprietary web-based application for coaches and athletes to monitor an athletes scores and performance ranking in team, class, conference and League.
  • Innovative League website – Showcasing team and individual performance reports, event details, and so much more.
  • Clay Target Leaderboard – View live scores, standings, and rankings from all tournaments.

League Support

  • League professional support staff available to help – Full-time experienced staff provide support for coaches, schools and athletes at all times.
  • Comprehensive Policies & Procedures – Expectations are clear and concise.
  • Dedicated and experienced Coach Education and Support manager available – To assist wan team staff member with any questions.
  • Coach Education & Support Program – Online access to training modules, blogs, advisory council and more to help coaches.

Inclusive Participation

  • Encourages beginners – All beginners have the opportunity to contribute to their team’s overall score.
  • No benchwarmers – Every athlete on the team gets to participate in League events.
  • Inclusive competition – Conferences are determined by team size, not geography, to make competition as fair as possible.
  • Everyone is invited to the League tournament – Student athletes compete in the Novice, Junior Varsity, or Varsity individual and team classifications that are determined by an athlete’s weekly season average.
  • Participate in one or all clay target shooting sport disciplines – Trap shooting, skeet shooting, sporting clays, or 5-stand.
  • True Team® scoring – A proprietary scoring system that compares an athlete’s score against all athletes in a conference and awards points proportionately to the best overall team rather than the top five finishers.
  • Top-performing athletes are recognized – Website postings of achievements by gender in conference and League.
  • 25/50 straight club recognition – Student athletes that achieve perfection with 25- or 50-straight targets hit receive a patch to adhere to their shooting gear and recognition to the website’s 25/50 Straight Club.
  • Compete against all teams in your conference each week – Student athletes have more fun competing against all teams in a single event.
  • Everyone participates on the same team with the same rules – No student athlete is excluded.
  • Similar beliefs as the state high school athletic/activity association – Team-focused, inclusion participation, fair competition.
  • High school teams are made up of students from grades six to 12 – Minimum age determined by the state-issued hunter education certificate requirements.
  • No maximum team size – As long as coaching staff ratio requirements are met and the shooting range can accommodate the team size safely a team can be as large as possible.
  • Minimum team size is 2 – Even a very small team can get started with just a school’s approval.
  • Free commemorative League patch – All new student athletes receive a League patch to adhere to their gear.
  • Complimentary subscription to PullUSA Magazine – Registered student athletes, head coaches, and shooting ranges receive the quarterly publication.

School Sponsored

  • 100% of teams are school-approved – Athletes and teams represent their school by using their school name – just like other sports.
  • Lettering program offered – The League provides lettering recommendations so high school student athletes can letter for their school.
  • Yearbook photo inclusion – Team photos are encouraged to be included in the high school’s yearbook.
  • Cooperative agreement among schools – Student athletes can participate on other teams if their school does not have a team.
  • Team logo displayed – Easy upload for coaches to show team pride.
  • Student athlete recruitment kit – Announcements, posters, signup sheets and customer support is provided to help schools educate parents and students about the team at information meetings held at the school.

Cost Saving

  • Shoot at your local shooting range – Minimum travel for athletes and parents saves time and money.
  • College scholarship available – Seniors can apply for a $1,000 scholarship to help pursue their postsecondary education.
  • No requirement to join other organizations – No school or student athlete will be required to join any other organization to participate.
  • No cost to school – Teams are self-managed and financed without the need for school facilities or maintenance.

Convenient Scheduling

  • Teams have more than 6 days to complete their weekly event – From Sunday morning until Saturday evening.
  • Teams can use multiple days to conduct their weekly events – Student athletes can coordinate schedules and participate in other sports.
  • Student athletes shoot at 50 targets at each conference event – Convenient for an athlete’s busy schedules.
  • Reserve week scoring – Available for teams to use if their competition event gets cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.