Tournament Rules

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In order of importance, the three priorities of the League are Safety, Fun and Marksmanship. All participants and spectators are required to adhere to all event rules and requirements included in the League’s policies and procedures. Any participant or attendee who does not adhere to these rules may be disqualified and/or asked to leave the event.

The rules & policies below are a general outline and are subject to change based on event venue and range policies. Participants and spectators are encouraged to contact the host shooting range for specific questions regarding parking, spectator areas, camping, and other questions related to the venue. Questions related to event operations – scoring, rules, awards, etc – should be directed to the League.

The event committee reserves the right to make alterations in, or amendments to these rules at any time without notice. The event committee consists of the League representative, shooting manager and Range Safety Officer.

Event Rules & Policies

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This event is possible because of the dedication of coaches, assistants, schools, parents, student athletes and spectators that make it a competitive, enjoyable and safe experience.

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